Who & Where Is Your Ideal Patient?

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We take care of everyone and we love all people alike but throughout your day you will come into contact with people or practice members that you find more pleasant to be around than others. Wouldn’t it be great to fill your practice and life with wonderful people you enjoyed being around? That is possible if you get your mind clear and define what you are looking for. You have to see it in your mind clearly before you can see it in your reality.

Here are some of the attributes of an ideal patient that our team came up with:

1. Family Oriented

2. Interested in Health

3. Financially Responsible and Committed

4. Enthusiastic & Friendly

5. Committed to Improvement

6. Punctual

7. Responsible

8. Gets the message

Ideal Age for decision maker in family:

Ideally we want the whole family all 4 generations. Our experience is that the most frequent first family member to start care is in the 30-60 age range and is more often female.

Ideal locations these people are:

– Gyms, Health Fairs, Churches, Mall, Races, ….

Distance from office:

1-90 minute drive

Places to partner with:

Fitness and Gyms, Churches, Sports Teams, Organic Farms, Spas & Salons, Acupuncture, Massage Therapists, Natural M.D.s, Health Food Store, Charities and Non-Profits, Schools, P.T.s, YMCAs, Mall, ¬†Children’s Stores, Retirement Homes, Anywhere people go that you can partner with, with an open mind to help uplift humanity and brighten the world.

Interesting tip for all the places that contact you to donate to their charity:

Every time someone sends you a letter to donate to a charity or asks you for a donation suggest that they partner with you to do a dinner with the Doc to teach their people about living a full life through chiropractic care. Set up the event date and help the people promote it. Donate 100% of the money they collect from their people who attend the event. Suggested donation is $10-$20 per person. You pay for the dinner and be prepared to have a great amount of people who want to come in for a full evaluation.

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