Weekly Team Meetings

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Each Monday before lunch we have our team meeting. Typically our meeting last between 30-60 minutes.

Here is how we organize our meetings:

1. Inspiration: Article from Facebook, green book page, something inspiring, patient story. This is crucial to keep your team motivated and on fire for chiropractic. This is a great opportunity to really teach the in depth explanation of any article of the week you are teaching your patients that week.

2. Positives: Everyone goes through their positives from the week in their life and the practice positives.

3. NPS/Conversions/Re-Signs: Go through list of new patient from the last week and make sure they are all on track and accounted for. Review the recent new people and make sure everyone is being tracked correctly.

4. Stats, Goals and Challenges: Weekly and monthly stats: New patients, Office visits, Collections, Cash collections. Goals for the Week and Month: New patients, Office visits, Collections, Cash, Missed appointments, New Families, Resign%, Events, PVA,

5. To Do’s: All the things we want to get done that week are assigned to team members.

6. Upcoming External Events, Internal Events, Mall Events, Talks, Screenings:

7. People In Need of Care: Who is missing visits, slacking needs inspiration? Who has family that needs help? Who  had children who have never had their spine checked?

8. Topic for Trainings: Day 1, 2, 3, 4, Re-exams, X-ray Review, Resign, Missed Appointments,

9. Marketing Ideas:

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