Schedule your trainings at least once per week for 60 minutes.

Go through your procedures on a rotation. Hit every major point of the procedure. Role play. Make it fun. Ask challenging questions and give resistance. Do you best to train for growth and to push yourself and your team in a loving way. Don’t be an ahole and make your team hate training. Don’t just rip them apart. Give positive feedback 80% of the time at least. If you are negative you will see quickly as your team will hate trainings.

Day 1: New Patient Phone Call, Greeting, Tour, History, Exam,  Scan and/or X-ray, Close

Day 2: Greeting, show warm-ups, explain x-ray, spouse, first adj what to expect, home instructions. Certainty, Clarity, Leadership. Day 2 call after adjustment with style and love.

Day 3: Situations. Family of 10 with 8 kids under 5. I have to leave early guy. I am looking at my phone guy. Spouse with arms crossed guy. Recommendations and Financial Options. There is a plan for every person.

Day 4: Policies and Procedures. How to best use our office and get the ideal results. Sign up for first event. Get family check scheduled.

Re-exams and X-ray Reviews: Frequency, x-ray review,  paperwork, posture check, ROM, Chiro review/30 second shuffle, family check, work event, upcoming in office event, home work/recommendations.

Year End Review and Lifetime Recommendations:

Situations: Stopping care today call or person. Was in an MVA today. Can I get my child checked today. How many visits do I have left? I am really sore since my last adjustment. Do I really need to do any home care? What is wrong with my insurance? I got adjusted one time and I am not totally better yet WTF?

Missed Appointments: Call 1 within 15 minutes. Call do the next day. Call 3 from the D.C. Pass folder for finances.

In office new patient/guest: Have you experienced chiropractic before? 

Event promotion essentials: Know what is being covered and the benefits for the practice member. Connect to their life and wants.

Outside Events: Screenings & Talks. How to find them: Paper, online, practice members. How to set them up. How to most effectively educate and inspire people. What to give away for free. How to screen/scan and set up appointments. The no stress event. The follow-up email with condition specific instructions. The follow up call for people who did not have their schedule but were interested.