Top 7 Challenges Chiropractors Always Get

Top Challenges Chiropractors Get

Top Challenges Chiropractors Get

Top 7 Challenges Chiropractors Always Get

1. Getting the family checked.

This is a never ending challenge/opportunity. No matter how long a person has been coming in and how many family members are under chiropractic care, odds are they have a few more people who could use help with getting healthier naturally.

It is essential that you now only have a weekly chiropractic topic and a chiropractic testimonial but also have a collection of articles or images that illustrate why chiropractic is important. Keep 3-5 family and kids articles together and drip one at a time to your people. Don’t be too pushy but be certain and caring.

Often people need to build trust before bringing in the whole family. Brochures are helpful but they do not do all the work. Every day we have to connect and communicate with our people to help them see how chiropractic and an ADIO lifestyle will add live to their years and years to their life.

2. Spouse at X-ray Report and Recommendations

The most challenging of the challenges. I let people know it is normal for people to want to bring their spouse and for most spouses to want to attend. Most want to know how they can help and what to expect in terms of frequency of care, cost of care and how chiropractic works.

What if they don’t want to bring them or if they have small (incredibly loud) children?

I would recommend talking with the person and seeing why they don’t want to bring their spouse to an important chiro visit? Be real, be honest tell them what you see with people who don’t bring their spouse. Tell them stories of people who did not bring their spouse because they don’t care only to have that spouse really care and have questions after. Tell them about people who wish their spouse was checked years ago…

Last week we had a patient of 5 years tell me that her husband was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Heartbreaking. I just wish he would have started care and who knows the difference chiropractic and lifestyle changes could have made. But maybe he will get checked. I gave her a gift certificate for him for about the 15th time with a brochure and chiro and the immune system article. You never know. It is our job to tell them the truth and offer our help and knowledge in a loving non-judgemental way.

Small children. Offer to have them attend your kids chiropractic class. Have them color a chiropractic friendly coloring book, read Sammy the Centaped or if all fails have them watch a kids DVD.

3. Do you take my insurance call or email.

We recently had a practice member come in who had higher a higher in network co-payment then we charge for an out of network visit. We commonly see people with $60 plus in network co-payments. It is crucial that if someone emails or asks you an insurance question you not only answer that questions confidently and honestly but that you address all the other connected or underlying questions.

Let them know that you do have people with similar insurance that are able to afford care. That the best thing to do is to bring in a copy of the card at their initial visit. Share stories of people with similar insurance and how your worked to make care affordable and also to get them awesome results.

If they are a real shopper offer to do a complimentary insurance verification. It takes 2 minutes but can greatly help the patient as they are often clueless with insurance hurdles. Also, offer to recommend a chiropractor in their geographical area if they are not happy with the coverage you find. Be honest and upfront. Worst case scenario you sent them to the best possible office available that is not yours. At least they are getting some type fo chiropractic care.

4. Do I need x-rays?

Depends. I find x-rays helpful for not only education but for patient care and accurate adjustments. Two weeks ago we had a young lady start care with a sever grade 3 spondy. Without x-rays I really would have had no clue that her spine was so bad. Share these stories with your people if they ask. Don’t try to be the genius doctor who talks down to patients, just be honest about what you know, have seen and believe.

What if they refuse x-rays?  Terrific. What we must do then is a computerized neurological scan so I can best determine where the area that are inflammed and damaged. It takes 2 minutes and uses no radiation and allows me to better assess how to help you.

I am a huge fan of testing on the first visit and at least 15-20 minutes to look over x-rays or scans.

5. Can I get adjusted today?

Depends. If you can wait or can run to the mall for 30 mins and come back you def can get adjusted today. All I need is time to look over you testing and determine how to best help you. Be honest but don’t be medical. Don’t do the medical comparison to decide that you can’t adjust someone the same day. What do you believe? Do you believe subluxation is a problem? A neurological problem? That neurologically shuts down their brain to body communication? Well, if you do then maybe it makes sense to get some pressure off the nervous system ASAP.

6. Are x-rays even accurate? Couldn’t I change them depending on how I stand?

Explain how you use the palate line to assess whether the lateral neck view is positioned properly and adjust the angles based on that. Tell them that x-rays are a great way to assess spinal alignment and possible bone break down but if they choose to stand oddly it will reduce the accuracy of the x-rays we take from the front.

7. The real challenge is being in the right mind-set!

This real answer to these questions is not so much what you say but how you say it. If you confidently and caringly say speak to the person with intent of helping them and with love, they will get it. If you can put yourself in their shoes. If you can see them as your mother, sister, friend or someone you care about then the communication flows and many of the challenges melt away or seem minimal.

Be great and share this with any chiropractor you want to see succeed. The world needs us.

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