Talks in the Commuity

My talks range from 10 to 40 minutes max. Beyond that people seem to be checked out. Here is my basic layout.

Greet and thank them for their time. Connect with who they are and what they do. Make what they do significant and show them that you understand a bit of what it is like to be in their shoes. Show them that you took the time to think over who you were speaking to and that they as people are important.

Sigafoose had a quote about a parachute and a mind are most useful when open.

Answer why they are getting a health survey handout that you want them to fill out now and have ready for their free computerized spinal scan after you talk. We will use the conditions you check off to help us best analyze your scan we do after the talk. Also, explain that after the talk you will be emailing them and following up with a link to any condition specific information they want on natural ways to improve their health conditions. E.g. if your son had asthma go ahead and check that off and I will email you a link where you can find the best information on natural treatments for asthma. I would suggest getting their phone number so you can follow up by phone also. Many people don’t have their schedule on them but want more info and to tell their story. A timely follow up call can really be helpful for someone who has health challenges or has a family member with health challenges. Read their sheet and determine if you can help them….

Give away something free. I often give away my Lose 20 Lbs. in 30 Days notes by email.

Tell your story. Why you are a chiropractor. How your life changed. Your family’s struggle with health.

Explain why you care for people who are not in a crisis or emergency state. The 1%/99% talk. The U.S. has the best crisis care in the world. We have the most doctors, best medical colleges. spend the most money yet in overall health index we rank 81st in developed nations. We spend 99% of our health care funds paying for the 1% of emergencies. But what about the 99%. What about those people who want to stay healthy and avoid problems? Who want to live a long, enjoyable life with little or no medication? How many would like to learn how to avoid the most common surgeries and have vitality and abundant health? We all have one thing in common. When we picture ourselves at 60, 70, 80 years old we think of us healthy. Walking on the beach with someone we love, our children, out spouse, our family and being healthy right? How many of you picture yourself sick, taking a ton of pills? Staring at a tray of pills 3 times per day? No way, you see yourself healthy, happy, mentally sharp and physically strong. Anything less is unacceptable right?

Did you know that today the average person only lives to 79 years old. And that the last 22 years before 79, so at 55 the average american is taking multiple medication and has a poor level of health? There has to be a better way. How many of you had a relative live a long life? How old? 95 really. That is amazing. That is possible. I call it the split. Some people are going to live to 100 maybe 120 and their neighbor or friend is going to pass away at 55. Do you want to know how to have that healthy, vibrant wellness life?

First lets start with the Laws of Health and Healing. Health is all about how your body is healing. Go through the Laws of Health

The body is self healing. Every minute we replace 50 million cells. That is right 50 million new cells: skin cells, stomach cells, heart cells…

The natural state of living is healthy not sick. It breaks my heart that so many adults and children are sick or suffering when there is a better way.

Your nervous system controls, regulates and directs all healing. Right now you are digesting food. Your heart is beating without you consciously telling it to. You are tapping your foot.. All this happen from your brain to your body along your nerves and nervous system. The wires of your body passing nerve signals or impulses to run and control your body.

Your nervous system is located inside and along your spine for protection and optimal function.

These nerves go for pain, numbness, headaches, neck, low back, sciatica,

These nerves go for dizziness, poor sleep, allergies, asthma, digestive conditions, bed wetting

If everything is in alignment how does it work?

If someone cut this nerve what would happen?

Instead if someone pinched this nerve now what is happening? What if there was no symptoms yet? What is happening before symptoms start? Interference, damage, sick cells, problems then finally symptoms as a warning sign like the oil light in your car.

Do the arm grab and heart analogy.

How long would you want pressure on the nerves that control your body?

How many of you have ever had your nervous system fully tested with scans and x-rays if necessary?

Can you imagine how someone’s life could change if the cause of their problem was found and corrected?

Share a recent or applicable testimony or 2. Not too many..

If it controls your body and your live your life through your nervous system how many of you feel it is important to get it checked?

Here is how it works. This scanner detects heat or inflammation along your spine. This is a sign that there is nervou system stress or damage in those areas. Ideally all the areas should come out clear. Green is mild, Blue is moderate, Red is sever and Black is more than sever. If we see any colors we get concerned b.c it most likely means that there is nervous system stress/damage/interference involved in causing your health problems. If we see any color we always recommend to get it fully analyzed in our office, does that make sense?

Whenever I do these events I get two responses.

1. People hear this and are eager to do the scan and get their spine and body fully assessed.

2. People who are interested but don’t have their schedule or are looking to get things checked later.

What we always do for these type of events is reserve ______ opening for new practice members. (Make your openings a number you can actually do. Not necessarily comfortable do but make it something that will not totally kill you staff and make every established patient wait forever for you to connect with a few new people.)

Usually to come into an office like ours with cutting edge technology for testing the nerve with scans and the spinal bones with x-ray it would be $200-300. Because you invited me in to this talk we set aside ___ openings for $_____.

I hope you enjoyed the food/talk. What we normally do is have our staff come around and answer questions and make sure everyone who wants to be scanned has the opportunity. This is the same technology that is utilized on many NFL players and is approved for accuracy by NASA.

Each scan takes 20-30 seconds then I will take a minute to explain your scan results and if it is something we can help you with you can schedule an appointment or we can email you information and do the follow up call later. Since your nervous system is the most important system in your body, it controls everything, but only 10% of the nerves go for pain people are often surprised to see their results. How many of you want to have the healthiest nervous system possible? For how long? Exactly. In your opinion who should have their spine and nervous system checked for proper function?

Scan and explain. Share stories of people with similar condition. Do you want my help with this? Are you doing to take advantage of the office we have today? Are mornings or afternoons better? Name best phone number. Here is your new patient paperwork with the time written here. Our staff will give you a call the day before to make sure all your questions are answered. If they are interested but not fully interested we give them a gift certificate for a small reduction for full priced exam, any necessary x-rays and first adjustment.