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How To Get More Children Checked

Check the Children We just created this document and are testing it in the office. The goal is to address all the concerns parents have about chiropractic care for their children. Cost, time, need for x-rays or scans, testing, conditions, what could cause a child to need to have their spine checked. Utilize this sheet […]

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BJ Palmer Audios on Ebay

Click here to go to ebay to buy BJ Palmer Audios.¬†They have a pretty sweet collection. Good not great quality of audio but for the time and recording capabilities the audios are amazing. Nothing like hearing it from the source of the source.¬† If you listen to these audios and have incredible growth how about […]

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Daily State

Get to be by 10:30pm as B.J. Palmer said “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.” Wake up at 5am or 5:30am and smile. You have another day to live! Daily gratitude and priming: 1. People you are grateful for. 2. Things you are grateful for. 1-2 must be small things […]

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Weekly Team Meetings

by ChiroForward leading chiropractic towards greatness! Each Monday before lunch we have our team meeting. Typically our meeting last between 30-60 minutes. Here is how we organize our meetings: 1. Inspiration: Article from Facebook, green book page, something inspiring, patient story. This is crucial to keep your team motivated and on fire for chiropractic. This […]

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Who & Where Is Your Ideal Patient?

Posted by ChiroForward dedicated to moving Chiropractic Forward Toward Greatness! We take care of everyone and we love all people alike but throughout your day you will come into contact with people or practice members that you find more pleasant to be around than others. Wouldn’t it be great to fill your practice and life […]

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