Spouse at Doctors Report!!!

Spouse at Doctor’s Report!!!

Not having the spouse at your doctor’s reports is one of the most frustrating things in a chiropractic practice. Nothing is worse than explaining chiropractic to a prospective practice member, reviewing x-rays, going over recommendations and having them go home to think about it only to not start care b/c their spouse did not understand. Don’t believe me, well do a few hundred doctor’s reports on people without spouses present and watch people that greatly need chiropractic care not start 50% of the time.

Why is the spouse needed at the Doctor’s Report?

1. Because they need to know about chiropractic. Chiropractic is amazing and everyone deserves to hear about it.

2. Because they care about their spouse and want to know the recommendations both care wise and financially. No one I know makes important decisions about their health or finances without communicating with their spouse.

3. Because if they are not there it is very difficult for them to ever understand what was covered and why chiropractic care is an essential part of being healthy. It is hard for one member of a family to receive chiropractic care long term without the rest of the family under care. Kind of like only one person in the family having a gym membership and everyone needing to work out.

How do you get the spouse to the Doctor’s Report

1. Be honest. Tell the practice member that you would like them to be there to hear the recommendations and to help you make the best decision regarding your health.

2. Explain how much easier it is for them to bring their spouse than to go home and try to explain everything to their spouse after the report.

3. Offer doctor’s notes to get out of work.

4. I don’t recommend going down the scare care path. Just not my style. I do want them to take chiropractic care and the health their spine and nervous system seriously but being over the top scary is not my style. You can explain that it is serious and significant without trying to scare the crap out of them. I would definitely express how I feel about their spine and how I feel about the condition of their life currently. I am still a hope and potential based chiropractor. I think chiropractic is different from medical care because we give people hope and find real solutions.

What can you do if they come to the report without their spouse?

1. Adjust them before your talk, explain why you recommend their spouse be present for this visit and reschedule their doctor’s report.

2. Have them sit through the doctor’s report but don’t go over finances and recommendations. Have them come back with their partner to cover the details not that they understand how important chiropractic care is.

3. Normal DR and finances. Roll the dice… :)

Ways to improve your odds. 

Have them take pics with their phone of their x-rays and normal x-rays and review them with their spouse.

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