We do Re-exams or Progress Updates at visit 12, 40 and at the end of a plan. We recommend having the practice member fill out and turn in the paperwork on the visit prior to their re-exam.

Basic Rexam flow Re-Exam 1-2 Re-Exam 2-2 Re-Exam 3-2 Re-Exam 4-2 Re-Exam 5-2

12th Visit Basic Re-Exam with 30SecondShuffle copy

24ish Update X-ray usually Lateral Cervical and AP or Lateral Lumbar

25 X-ray Review X-ray review

40 Re-exam + 30 Sec Shuffle

You may at times need to explain that Healing Returns in Cycles. Take it from the source B.J. Palmer!retracing-cycles

End of Plan Re-exam & or Re-X-ray mike 2

We mark x-rays the easy way.

Laterals Cervical: Atlas Angle, Cervical Angle compared to the Ideal Spine Normal Angles. Point out any degen or other issues

Lateral Lumbar: should be 35-45 degree angle from the back of L1 to L5. Point out any degeneration or other issues

AP: Should be on a vertical line through the middle of S1 tuberacle and C2 Spinous Process

Iliac Crests should be level. Measure the mm imbalance.