Places To Do Spinal Screenings and Health Talks

Any place can be a great place to do a spinal screening, health screening or a talk. The basics of a screening are simple and straight forward. Have them fill out a form with basic info like their name, telephone number, type of work they do and any health concerns they are experiencing. Talk to your perspective practice members about health and chiropractic. Explain chiropractic. Offer them a chance to get their spine checked either with a computerized spinal scanner or by palpating their spine. Explain the findings and how it relates to their health and life and give them an opportunity to come in your office so you can help. Let’s not get into the details of how to do a screening here, lets just brainstorm for possible locations. Some of these may surprise you…. :)

Places to screen:

Health Fairs

Women’s Expo

Home Show

Health Food Stores or Supplement Stores

Churches: Especially at church health fairs.



Drug Stores or Pharmacies of places like Target or Walmart. You may need to be connected with their corporate charity…




Races 5K, 10K…

Lowe’s or Home Depot

Boat Show

Craft Fair

Biker Event

Wellness Providers: PT’s, Nutrition Center, Massage


Fundraisers for Sports Teams

Karate Studios: Screen parents while they wait.

Dance Studios: Check parents.

Rink or Field: Check people while they wait.

Roller Derby or sporting event: Check fans.

Hair Salon


Ask vendors that you meet at events for any upcoming events they know of. Plan and work together! Some of your best practice members will be the other vendors from events so expect that they will be great.

Charities or Non-Profits

If you know a place has a charity or organization they do fundraising for partner with that place to help them raise money for their charity.

Look at your practice and brainstorm the connections that you have to local businesses to do screenings and events in.

Budget for Screenings: Free to $40. Any screening over $100 better be full of good people.


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