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Top 7 Challenges Chiropractors Always Get

Top 7 Challenges Chiropractors Always Get 1. Getting the family checked. This is a never ending challenge/opportunity. No matter how long a person has been coming in and how many family members are under chiropractic care, odds are they have a few more people who could use help with getting healthier naturally. It is essential […]

Conversation With B.J. Palmer

What would B.J. Palmer do? What would you do if your were being mentored by B.J. Palmer? How would your practice look different if you had Dr. Palmer stopping in weekly to give you pointers? How would the future of chiropractic and the health of humanity change is we all started working and living a […]

Spouse at Doctors Report!!!

Spouse at Doctor’s Report!!! Not having the spouse at your doctor’s reports is one of the most frustrating things in a chiropractic practice. Nothing is worse than explaining chiropractic to a prospective practice member, reviewing x-rays, going over recommendations and having them go home to think about it only to not start care b/c their […]

Places To Do Spinal Screenings and Health Talks

Any place can be a great place to do a spinal screening, health screening or a talk. The basics of a screening are simple and straight forward. Have them fill out a form with basic info like their name, telephone number, type of work they do and any health concerns they are experiencing. Talk to […]

Weekly Team Meetings

by ChiroForward leading chiropractic towards greatness! Each Monday before lunch we have our team meeting. Typically our meeting last between 30-60 minutes. Here is how we organize our meetings: 1. Inspiration: Article from Facebook, green book page, something inspiring, patient story. This is crucial to keep your team motivated and on fire for chiropractic. This […]