Lunch & Learn Outline

Dr. Doug L. and Eric P.

Dr. Doug L. and Eric P.

by Dr. Doug Lightstone


Lunch provided

Complementary chair massage provided

$25 New Patient Exam offered

Meric Chart and Feeling vs. Function Chart referenced

Hello everyone, I’m Dr.             (name)            and I wanted to thank you all so much for having me here today. I work for                (office)            which is one of the most advanced CORRECTIVE and WELLNESS Chiropractic clinics in             (state)     .

So let’s talk about CORRECTIVE and WELLNESS for a minute. CORRECTIVE pertains to care for those who are experiencing some sort of dysfunction or ailment. CORRECTIVE care helps to restore the body to optimal health. WELLNESS is defined as 100% function of the body. WELLNESS care helps to maintain OPTIMAL HEALTH. So, who here is FUNCTIONING at 100%?

(wait for hands; if no one raises their hands, follow with…)

OK, well who here feels like their body is FUNCTIONING pretty good?

(wait for hands; once people raise their hands, address them with the following…) How do you know? How can you prove that?

(allow them to answer; some will mention good bodily performance; follow with…)

How do you know your body is performing at its best?

(move on to “The truth is…” below at this point; do not allow a response to that question)

(OR some will mention absence of pain or symptoms; follow with…)

The truth is, most people base their concept of HEALTH and WELLNESS on the absence of PAIN or SYMPTOMS. So how healthy is a person 1 hour before a heart attack? A slow leaking pipe behind the walls in your home may not present with problems for a long time. But that is a HUGE problem that needs to be addressed before more SERIOUS and COSTLY problems follow.

So, I want to talk today about NERVES. What do NERVES control in our bodies? (wait for someone to say everything; if someone mentions something more specific, encourage the listeners to keep going; if no one says everything after a few tries, follow with…)

Right, so NERVES control EVERYTHING in our bodies. They control our movements through our muscles; they control our thoughts, calculations, feelings; they control our sight, smell, taste, hearing, and sensations; they control the things we think about and even the things we don’t think about like our organs functioning; they control our hearts beating, our lungs breathing, our digestion, our bowel and bladder function.

(In the following explanation, reference the Meric Chart using your hands to illustrate)

The way the body works, is the BRAIN sends information down our SPINAL CORD, out these YELLOW NERVES, to EVERY SINGLE organ, tissue, muscle, and cell in our body. And EVERY SINGLE organ, tissue, muscle, and cell in our body is ENTIRELY DEPENDANT on that information in order to keep us alive and healthy. Does that make sense? (look for listener confirmation)

But our bodies go through a lot of STRESS. Some SUDDEN, like a car wreck, a fall, or participation in sports; or some OVER TIME, like being a parent or poor posture while driving, reading, typing, texting (mimic poor posture for poor posture examples). These stresses can cause individual BONES, SECTIONS, and CURVES of our SPINE to SHIFT out of place (hand gesture with fist on top of fist shifting) and we call that SHIFT a SUBLUXATION.

Has anyone every heard that word before, SUBLUXATION? (wait for response)

OK, well SUBLUXATIONS are extremely important to our HEALTH and I’m going to explain why in a moment. But first, I want everyone to say SUBLUXATION together on the count of three.

Ready, one, two… I’m just joking, everyone relax. (have a laugh)


Ready, one, two, three, (so everyone can hear you, you say) Supercalafragilistic… OK, great job everyone (have a laugh)

But seriously, these SHIFTS, these SUBLUXATIONS, they block information coming from our SPINAL CORD to our organs, tissues, muscles, and cells which leads to DYSFUNCTION and eventually DISEASE. So when the brain makes a phone call to our organs, tissues, muscles, and cells telling them what to do and there is static, no sound, or the call is dropped, what does that mean for our body? Will it be functioning GOOD or BAD? (wait for response)

Which means what for our HEALTH? (look around for understanding)

SUBLUXATIONS also affect our STRUCTURE and distort our POSTURE. Now the STRUCTURE of our SPINE is extremely important. In fact, schools everywhere bring in nurses to check children for (wait for response and then reiterate) SCOLIOSIS. Because EVERY SINGLE HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONER knows that when the SPINE is not in HEALTHY ALIGNMENT, it puts STRESS and STRAIN on the SPINAL CORD, which affects the FUNCTIONING of the entire BODY. STRUCTURE 100% determines FUNCTION.

Many of you drive a car; if the ALIGNMENT on your car is off, is that GOOD or BAD? (wait for response)

And if nothing is done to CORRECT that ALIGNMENT, is it going to get BETTER or WORSE? (wait for response)

And as it gets worse, will it affect other aspects of the car like balding tire patterns and steering problems? (nod yes and wait for confirmation)

And as it gets worse, is this going to cost MORE or LESS to have the problem fixed? (wait for response)

But I will say, the good thing about a car is that worse comes to worst, you can always get another car—but you only get one of these, (place your palm on your chest) so we need to make sure we are taking care of it as best as we can.

So, SUBLUXATIONS can affect our body’s STRUCTURE, which affects our body’s ability to FUNCTION. The worst thing about SUBLUXATIONS, though, is that most SUBLUXATIONS don’t cause pain. By the time we are FEELING PAIN, it means our NERVES are INFLAMED (hand gesture, interlocking fingers) and our bodies are in CRISIS.

(In the following explanation, reference the Feeling vs. Function Chart using your hands to illustrate)

So here are the NERVES in our body. About 45-50% of the NERVES in our BODY control our movements having NOTHING to do with PAIN. And about 45-50% of the NERVES in our BODY control our autonomic function like our organ and gland function and our blood circulation, having NOTHING to do with PAIN. Only about 5-10% of the NERVES in our body actually feel PAIN. So if behind this circle was a picture of your health, and the only thing I used to determine how healthy you are is by looking at this small area down here, how accurate of a picture would I have for how HEALTHY you ACTUALLY are? Not a very accurate picture at all. Who is more HEALTHY: a person with no pain symptoms whatsoever who has CANCER OR a person throwing up from food poisoning? (wait for confirmation)

So how do you make sure your NERVOUS SYSTEM is FUNCTIONING CORRECTLY? Get your nervous system checked. Check to see the STRUCTURE of your SPINE and HOW your NERVOUS SYSTEM is FUNCTIONING.

Who here KNOWS what their SPINE looks like? (wait for silence)

Who here KNOWS how their NERVOUS SYSTEM is FUNCTIONING? (wait for silence)

Wouldn’t you like to KNOW? (look for confirmation)

At our office, we offer a COMPREHENSIVE NERVOUS SYSTEM evaluation that uses COMPUTER ANALYZED SCANS of your NERVOUS SYSTEM that measures HOW your NERVOUS SYSTEM is FUNCTIONING. We take X-RAYS of your SPINE to see the STRUCTURE of your SPINE because we know that STRUCTURE determines FUNCTION. And we perform a POSTURAL ANALYSIS to see the how the STRUCTURE of your SPINE is affecting your body in 3-dimension.

Normally, for patients that walk into our office, we charge $350 for this evaluation. But because of our partnership with your company/because of this event we are offering the same COMPREHENSIVE NERVOUS SYSTEM evaluation for only $25.

So real quick, just to review, what do NERVES control in our bodies? (wait for “Everything” response)


Then who can benefit from getting their NERVOUS SYSTEM checked? (wait for “Everyone” response)


Thank you so much for having me here today. I hope everyone learned a lot. Please enjoy the lunch we have for you and make sure you take advantage of the complementary chair massage we have set up for you today. And if you have any questions, myself and our other PR reps will be around to answer any questions you may have.