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Nervous System FactsYour Brain

·      Has more than 100 billion neurons.

·      Stores more than 100 trillion bits of information.

·      Regenerates constantly and can renew its cells, even in adulthood.

·      Communicates via the spinal cord to every cell of your body through 45 miles of nerves.

·      Nerves relay over 3 million messages every second between your brain and every cell in your body at speeds up to 170 m.p.h.

·      Regeneration is possible with chiropractic care.


How Spinal Subluxations Happen·      The birth process.

·      Learning to walk.

·      Childhood play, growth spurts.

·      Body weight changes.

·      Physical, chemical and mental stress.

·      Intense emotional experiences.

·      Auto accidents, work injuries.

·      Environmental toxicity, food poisoning.

·      Sports injuries, intensive training.

·      Hormonal changes.

·      Poor posture, excess sitting.

·      Trips, falls.

·      Sickness, disease.


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Subluxation Research         Nutrition         Exercise                                         Pregnancy         Stress Management          Children’s Health

Athletic Performance              Vaccines         Wellness Topics


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