Monthly Internal Calendar

Here is our 12 month weekly calendar. Each week we have a chiropractic article or image and a wellness article or image that correlates with our monthly seminar topic. I cannot share all the images with you without the links because I do not have permission and prefer not to get sued. Sued again, that is, thanks Ghetty Images and your damn trolls.


Monthly Seminar Heart Disease Prevention Monthly Charity: Oklahaven Children’s Chiro Care

Weekly topics: 1. Chiro: Normal vs. Abnormal Neck Curve. What happens when you straighten a banana. Have bananas in the office and demonstrate. Wellness: Truth about cholesterol article. 

2. Chiropractic Care for Blood Pressure, Wellness: Dark chocolate week. Give out samples b.c it is Valentines week also

3. Stress reduction week and relaxation week b.c we are on vacation and the office is closed.

4. Chiropractic Care Helps DNA/Slows Aging Wellness: Huge Pill Comic about this pill contains your prescription plus all the meds needed to treat your side effects.


Monthly Secrets to Living a Long Healthy Life Monthly Charity: Local Nature Center

Weekly topics: 1. Proactive vs. Reactive Chiro First? Wellness: Taste the Rainbow

2. Chiropractic Care Helps With Ear Infections Wellness:  Why Does a Salad Cost More than a Big Mac?

3. Tooth brush week compare tooth brush regular care to chiro regular care Wellness: My Daily Detox Drink

4. Feeling vs. Function Wellness: Foods that Detox

5. Could Your Children Benefit From Chiropractic Care? Wellness: Makeup Body Pic Detox


Monthly Seminar Home and Body Detox

Weekly Topics: 1. Rubber Band Week Wellness: Clean 15 Dirty Dozen

2. Windsor Autopsy Wellness Uses for Coconut Oil

3. Medication Freedom Week: Dangers lurking in your Med cabinet & 70% Americans on Meds

4. Chiropractic Care & Inflammation Wellness Man-o-gram


Monthly Seminar Women’s Health

Weekly Topics 1. Weight of a Dime Wellness: Kids On Meds

2.  Doctor You Wellness: Top 10 Sources of Veggie Protein

3. Turn Your Power On Wellness: Hormones in Meat and Dairy

4. Still Wondering Why Kids Need Chiropractic? & “The earlier abnormal spinal function could be recognized…”


Seminar Raw Foods Party

1. Seniors and Chiropractic Wellness: What Are We Eating?

2. 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is… Wellness: Are Germs The Enemy?

3. Phases of the Spine Wellness: Kirlian Photography of Tomato

4. Asthma and Chiro Wellness: Antibiotics Cause Allergies & Asthma, Top 12 Anti-Asthma Foods

5. Health vs. Sickness Body Balance vs. Imbalance Wellness Wellness: “This program is brought to you by pills, pills, pills