What do you cover in huddles?

Huddles are your time for you and your team to get together and see the day happen before it happens. Huddles should begin a minimum of 15 minutes before your first adjustment is scheduled. We open our door when we go back to huddle and people know they can come in and warm up and we will be in our meeting. That allows you to start adjusting people on time so you don’t get backed up out of the gates.

Huddle Essentials

1. Review Missed Appointment People / Restarts / Slackers / Financials / Specials and the outcome you are seeking.

2. Choose 5 people for each staff member to ask for a referral or to help set up a Lunch & Learn. “Would you mind helping me….” “Would you mind sharing this info with a friend or loved one?”

3. Re-Exams: Re-exams should be reviewed by the D.C. prior to huddle and all handouts and recommendations should be set before huddle. At huddle you should review the pointers that need to be covered with that patient. Neck Home Care Exercises, Slacking on frequency, get child checked with asthma, always review family history sheet at huddle for re-exams so you know what the health of the family you are talking to is. Each re-exam should be a special time to celebrate victories and build bonds. Don’t let it get redundant or negative.

4. Cover newsletter/event invite/ 50 chiro image of the week/50 wellness topic of the week. Review weekly testimonial and how to best position it.

5. Goal set upcoming event sign-ups and delegate people to ask to each staff.

6. Inspiration: Inspire your team by going deeper into the article of the week chiro or wellness. Sharing a great quote. A new study on how chiropractic is saving lives and the medical system is failing us.

7. Pray, Affirmations or Ask for help and healing for your people.