Day 2 First Adjustment

Day 2

CA Script

Welcome back, ________. Dr. ________ had a chance to look over your x-rays and there are some areas of concern. Today we will show you how to do your warm-up, then we will take you back to see Dr. ____________.


Follow me this way, today I am going to show you how to get your spine ready for your first adjustment so that you will get the best, most effective adjustment and begin your healing process today.

Traction Unit: Start out with ten then increase by two/ light stretch/ assist’s with healing disc bulges and tears, while helping to restore a normal cervical curve to the spine.

Head Weights: Start out with half lb than increase one lb. every other week/ keep your head up (if you need to bend down, squat or if your reading or texting please bring to eye level)/ this helps with energy flow from the brain to the spine, improve neck muscles and improve posture

Timer: Use with head weight/ wobble chair.

Wobble Chair: Sit up straight/ side to side/ front to back/ figure eight.

“When you have finished place everything back on the shelf and have a seat in the grey chair. Then we will take you back to see Dr._______.”


While patient is warming up or right before you bring them back prep room.

Pull up patient x-rays in opal split screen. Pull up travel card in adjusting room, open xray of lat cervical and ap lumbar, put clipboard in tray, and rope off room.


Pay attention and get ready to go in the adjustment room with the Dr. so the patient gets handed off to you to set up for the Dr. Report.



Day 2
After you explain that the next visit is going to be their most important visit. We are going to explain your x-rays and recommendation, cost and show you how to get the best results… Mary, you said that Bill was skeptical or supportive or indifferent/other about chiropractic. Mary, In your opinion do you think it would be a good idea to have Bill see your x-rays and understand your problem and the care you need so you can get the best results? Definitely, so we will set up a special appointment tuesday at 6pm…
This is a much better spouse to doctors report strategy than all other options


CA Script for Day Two Check Out:


CA: “Your next appointment will be the most vital appointment. WE will go over the benefits of chiropractic care, teach you how to read x-rays, and share with you miracles that have happened in our office. This portion of it starts out in a group setting, then we will take you back individually to go over your x-rays more indepth and Dr._____ recommendations. Any financial question you have will be answered at this time as well. Please allow for a little over an hour and bring your calendar with you because we will be scheduling more appointments at this time. We will be getting started exactly at _______ so we recommend that you arrive at ____________. We will be looking forward to seeing both you and ____Spouse’s Name_____ on ____Day_____ and _____Time______.


Common Questions:

  1. How long will it take?

It will be over an hour so we recommend you get here at __Time___ to be one of the first to be seen and it also depends on how many questions you may have.

  1. Does my spouse have to be there?

Yes, it is encourage that they be there because we are going over your X-Rays, financials and from our experience if they attend this appointment you will see results faster and they will have a better understanding of your care plan/recommendations. Spouse has work- suggest a Dr’s note or another time.

  1. Can my kids come?

Ask age if they are young, suggest they get a babysitter for this one time. If they are older invite them, yes we are a family oriented office we have a play area they can play in or we have movies they can watch and pictures they can color.