Day 1

Day 1

CA New Patient Phone Call

Thank you for calling ___________ Chiropractic, I can help you.

  • Is this appointment for a new or existing practice member?
  • Is this for just you or your whole family?
  • Is this for wellness or condition?   _____________
  • Does morning or afternoon work better for you schedule?
  • I have availability for _____ or_____which time works best for you?

9:15, 10:30, 2:30, 3:15, 5:45, Schedule families or multiple people at beginning or end of shift.

  • Can I get your full name if you could please spell it for me   _________ _________
  • Date of birth     ______/______/______
  • Your cell phone or a phone number we can best reach you (____)_____-______
  • How did you hear about our office? _________________________________
  • Do you have access to the internet and a printer?

Y ____ If you could go to and print out the NP paperwork that will save you some time and allow you to fill it out in the comfort of your own home.

N____ Can you arrive 15 minutes prior to your apt for the NP paperwork.

  • Do you know where we are located? (Give directions if need be)
  • Thank you for calling, we are looking forward to meeting you on _________at________.

Common questions/concerns

How much will it cost? (Depends how you do it. Anything goes in chiropractic just make sure it is fair and something you would be comfortable doing if you were the practice member.)

The fee for your 1st visit is a $20 donation to the charity of the month which will cover initial consultation, x-rays if needed and your first adjustment. Before you have any other charges we will sit down and go over them with you in detail.

How long will it take?

It normally takes 35 minutes to an hour depending on how many questions you have.

Do you take my insurance?

We work with all forms of insurance. We have many practice members with that same insurance. The best thing to do is bring your card in and our staff will call and verify your coverage. For your evaluation and first adjustment the $20 donation to the charity of the month will cover it all.

Are in-network with _______ insurance?

If you are in network: Yes.

If you are not in network: No but we many many patients with that same insurance and work with patients to make care affordable. Recently we had a person with that an insurance plan that had a $60 in network co pay. Our fees for a normal adjustment are $35 so being out of his network actually saved him money and got him the best care available.

Do I have to get x-rays?

Dr. _________ will do a thorough examination and determine if x-rays are needed, you can discuss it with him at that time. Not all practice members need or get x-rays.

CA Confirm a new patient appointment phone call

“Hello, This is _______ calling from ______________ Chiropractic. I am calling to confirm your appointment at________. I also wanted to make sure you have the paperwork and know where our office is located. I look forward to meeting you on________ at _______.”

When the patient arrives

Greet patient by name and shake hand. (Greet them as if they are your favorite long term patient who is awesome and makes the office fun and makes you love what you do.)

“Hi _________, welcome to our office! I’m __________ this is _________ and ____________. The restrooms are located out the door and around the corner to your left, there is water at the end of the office. Feel free to help yourself.”

New Patient Check List

  • Inquire about paperwork, either collect from patient or give paperwork for them to fill out.
  • Copy of driver’s license and insurance card.
  • Check to ensure patient has filled out paperwork completely
  • Collect donation for the charity of the month
  • Put new patient information in chart, Write name and BBAR # on chart in pencil.
  • Put patient information on tracking chart
  • Prepare x-ray room for new patient.
    • Enter name, Vericle #, gender, and date of birth into Opal.
    • Place large slide in x-ray machine
  • Walk patient back to room and give chart to Dr.

Common questions/concerns

Why do you need my drivers license/insurance card?

We use your insurance card to call and verify your insurance, that way before you have any future expenses we will sit down and go over costs with you ahead of time.

Your drivers license we use for identification and to protect you from anyone falsely trying to use your insurance. Sounds crazy right? It happens.

Doctor’s Connecting With New Practice Member (15 mins)

Before you even go into the room with the patient. Look over the paperwork, get in a positive mindset. You are there to help the patient. See life from their point of view. Even if you are busy, realise that the first 5 seconds that new practice member is going to decide if they trust you, like you and believe that you care enough and are capable to help them.

  1. Greet ; Shake hand, “it is great to meet you”
    1. Intro: connect with who referred them, “______ is always sending us great people, I will be sure to thank her next time I see her. You must be a wonderful person if you know _____”
    2. So how can I help you? ________ (Listen, seriously. Stop thinking and listen. Look them in the eye and listen!!)
    3. What area or location? So right here_______.
    4. Time/onset: 1 year vs 2 days (2 days is way different then 10 years. Different motivation, different possibilities, different expectations…)
    5. On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the pain at best and worst?
    6. What makes it better/worse, ______
    7. What is the final event that brought you into our office?
    8. Motivation: How is this effecting/limiting your life, work, family
    9. Has your spouse notices that you are in pain, sick…? What do they think about you utilizing chiropractic care to help with this? 3 Views of Chiropractic: 
      1. + Positive, they support it/they recommended I see you…
      2. N Neutral, they don’t know much about chiropractic but are want me to feel better
      3. - Negative, they are skeptical about chiropractic, don’t believe in chiropractic, had a bad experience…
  2. Transition: Well, __Fred____ I have seem many people with similar problems what I have notices is that people have 3 options:
    1. Try to ignore the problem/pain, do nothing and basically suffer through it.
    2. Take medications to numb the body or quite the symptoms temporarily
    3. Or actually get to the cause of the problem and get better.

Do you mind if I take a minute to explain how we find the cause and help you?

  1. 30 second shuffle (Positioned near ANS chart, spinal nerves chart and subluxation chart)
    1. The great thing about the body is that it is self healing.
    2. All healing and nerve impulses flow from the brain down your spinal cord to every organ, cell and tissue in your body. For your lungs to breath, for you digestion to work for your ____insert their problem here___ to heal these signals have to get to the cells in this are for it to heal.
    3. __Fred___ can you imagine if someone Cut this nerve, what would happen?
    4. What if they just Pinched this nerve: interference then damage then sickness then organ or body part failure… Feel free to use kinestetic grab or wrist grab to illustrate nerve interference with subulxation.
    5. This misalignment pinching your nerves is a Subluxation leading to diseased cells and when enough cells get damaged you body may give you symptoms as a warning sign. The last thing I would want to do is to cover up these symptoms and send you on your way to develop more problems. We we need to do is get to the cause not treat the effects.
    6. We need to do some testing to see how I can best help you.
  2. Check posture/ROM
    1. Posture is the window to the spine. From the font your shoulders need to be level and your hips need to be level.
    2. Forward head posture. Every inch you head goes forward adds 10-12 lbs of pressure to your neck, doubling the compression and work you neck has to do. As you head moves forward you lower back straightens, stressing your low back.
  3. Palpation: Full spine (With practice member seated in front of giant, readable ANS chart with conditions for each vertebral level)
    1. Touch and tell and take notes.
    2. Have you noticed ________ yet?
    3. This area controls  the nerves for your headaches. It also goes for _____
    4. Go thru whole spine. Explain that we are not only looking for symptoms we are looking for any signs of dis-ease or subluxation where we can help you prevent problems.
  4. Show the practice member the area of concern on your notes. These are the areas where it feels that you have misalignments causing problems. The next step is to see an x-ray of these areas so I know how much damage is there and exactly how to adjust you for optimal results.
  5. The x-rays will take 2-3 minutes and will give us a good idea of how long problem has been there and we will measure to the millimeter and degree any imbalances.
  6. We will get you in for our first available appointment either later today or as soon as we can tomorrow. (24-48 hour rule: If is urgent to get stress off their nerve system as soon as you can).
  7. What if no x-rays:
    1. Child: What we need to do next is some further testing with a thermal scan to see what areas are of the nerves are being irritated including the nerves that go for your organs. Do thermal scan and  set up next available appointment to review scan findings and do first adjustment/Day 2.
    2. Pregnant: Same as child. Do scan, get at least 20 minutes to review it, then do first adj/day 2 at first available apt.
    3. Other/Know it all and want to tell you how to practice…:) or Freaked Out By Radiation…: A little different than the above two. You need to decide if you can help this person, want to deal with this person and if they will listen to you and follow your recommendations so they can get well.  I would recommend doing the further testing with the thermal scan. If they are single and are the decision maker skipping day 2 going directly to Day 3 ASAP. If they are married or have another decision maker factoring in I would skip day 2 and while scheduling Day 3 I would strongly ask them “You said your spouse was +, N, or – about chiropractic care (3 views on chiropractic from initial history of Day 1 above), In your opinion do you think it would be a good idea for your spouse to see your scans and hear the recommendations to get you well?”

Day 1 Check out

Keep Urgency especially if transitioning from D.C. to staff! The next appointment needs to be ASAP 24-48 hour rule.

“I know Dr. ______ wants to help you as soon as possible, we can make an opening later today at_____ or  tomorrow at ____?”

Missed New Patient Appointment Phone Call

Three strikes and you are out.

“Hello ______, I ‘m calling to check on you because missed your appointment at ______ is everything ok? We have limited new patient appointment openings so if you would like to reschedule we have times at ______ or ______ but please understand we reserve that time .”

Feel the person out. If they do not have a legitimate reason for missing I would be cautious. I would recommend scheduling them at a less than optimal new patient time so that you don’t block serious people that need help.