Conversation With B.J. Palmer

We are but thinking clay.

We are but thinking clay.

What would B.J. Palmer do?

What would you do if your were being mentored by B.J. Palmer?

How would your practice look different if you had Dr. Palmer stopping in weekly to give you pointers?

How would the future of chiropractic and the health of humanity change is we all started working and living a life that was as big as Dr. Palmer’s? Is it possible? Why not?

Dr. Palmer was an amazing individual and a genius in many areas. How could getting to know his work and ideas benefit your life, your practice, your future? Next time you are stuck, it may be a time to open one of Palmer’s books and ask him for help.

Replicate this mentorship with any great person you choose: Ghandi, MLK, Sid Williams, Jesus, Buddah, anyone you admire.


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