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New Patient Orientation Handout

Dr Report Handout Nervous System FactsYour Brain ·      Has more than 100 billion neurons. ·      Stores more than 100 trillion bits of information. ·      Regenerates constantly and can renew its cells, even in adulthood. ·      Communicates via the spinal cord to every cell of your body through 45 miles of nerves. ·      Nerves relay over […]

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How To Get More Children Checked

Check the Children We just created this document and are testing it in the office. The goal is to address all the concerns parents have about chiropractic care for their children. Cost, time, need for x-rays or scans, testing, conditions, what could cause a child to need to have their spine checked. Utilize this sheet […]

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Top 7 Challenges Chiropractors Always Get

Top 7 Challenges Chiropractors Always Get 1. Getting the family checked. This is a never ending challenge/opportunity. No matter how long a person has been coming in and how many family members are under chiropractic care, odds are they have a few more people who could use help with getting healthier naturally. It is essential […]

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Weekly Team Meetings

by ChiroForward leading chiropractic towards greatness! Each Monday before lunch we have our team meeting. Typically our meeting last between 30-60 minutes. Here is how we organize our meetings: 1. Inspiration: Article from Facebook, green book page, something inspiring, patient story. This is crucial to keep your team motivated and on fire for chiropractic. This […]

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