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How Long Will It Take To Heal?

by Brian Bartholomew D.C.  Dr. Reggie Gold frequently stressed the importance of time in the healing process for the nerve interference to be removed and cells to heal. Where to find a great book on Reggie Gold? Expecting or forecasting results with chiropractic care is difficult because even cells with great nerve supply take time to […]

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New Patient Orientation Handout

Dr Report Handout Nervous System FactsYour Brain ·      Has more than 100 billion neurons. ·      Stores more than 100 trillion bits of information. ·      Regenerates constantly and can renew its cells, even in adulthood. ·      Communicates via the spinal cord to every cell of your body through 45 miles of nerves. ·      Nerves relay over […]

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Conversation With B.J. Palmer

What would B.J. Palmer do? What would you do if your were being mentored by B.J. Palmer? How would your practice look different if you had Dr. Palmer stopping in weekly to give you pointers? How would the future of chiropractic and the health of humanity change is we all started working and living a […]

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Spouse at Doctors Report!!!

Spouse at Doctor’s Report!!! Not having the spouse at your doctor’s reports is one of the most frustrating things in a chiropractic practice. Nothing is worse than explaining chiropractic to a prospective practice member, reviewing x-rays, going over recommendations and having them go home to think about it only to not start care b/c their […]

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Who & Where Is Your Ideal Patient?

Posted by ChiroForward dedicated to moving Chiropractic Forward Toward Greatness! We take care of everyone and we love all people alike but throughout your day you will come into contact with people or practice members that you find more pleasant to be around than others. Wouldn’t it be great to fill your practice and life […]

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