Every Monday night free weekly Sherman Connect Calls. Become a regent, support the future of chiropracTic and you can get the sign in passcode to all the recorded calls. I can honestly tell you that these calls have greatly impacted my life and my practice in a postive way.

Every Tuesday night free weekly Recorded Band of Brothers Chiropractic Calls. See their website for the weekly call in details.

Monthly google hangouts, amazing videos of the essential procedures and weekly emails. Chiro Thought Leaders is an amazing resource.

Planet Chiropractic Audio/Video Collection. A great free place to check out some of the best speakers ever in chiropractic.

Dr. BJ Palmer Audio Collection can be bought from ebay. Reasonably prices. Mine took longer than expected to ship but were well worth the wait. 

Chiropractic Philanthropist is a great website and podcast that features many of today’s top D.C. 

Dr.Steve Jusdson New Practice Member Orientation from DE Jan. 2015

Dr. Rob Schiffman Speaking at DE Jan 2015

Dr. Ed Cordero Speaking at DE Jan 2015